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On an overall level, we have structured our website so that users can visit PROMAX on-line without having to identify themselves or reveal personal information.

When, to provide access to certain information and contents, we ask users to register as such in a space designed for that purpose, and we ask that they provide personal identification information (name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.), the users can rest assured that this information will only be used within the context of their relationship with PROMAX as a customer, visitor or friend.

Therefore, as there is a processing of personal information, PROMAX has prepared this notification to inform users as to their rights and obligations.

PROMAX, as the owner of the domains


is a company that is fully conscientious in its processing of personal information, and aware of the responsibilities implied. Therefore, these data will be used in legal fashion, in keeping with Spanish legislation, and especially Organic Law 15/1999 for Personal Data Protection, at all times. Further, they will always be used with the user’s consent.

Registration or subscription to certain services, information, software downloads or updates; consultations or registration to receive material from web pages is free and voluntary. For the purposes of this subscription, PROMAX requires completion of a form wherein users must provide certain personal data.

In order to personalise our upcoming notifications for our users, and to continuously improve our products and services, we may also ask the user to inform us as to his/her personal or professional interests, demographic information, experience with our products, contact preferences, etc.

PROMAX utilizará la información proporcionada por el Usuario para entender mejor sus necesidades y proporcionarle un mejor servicio. De manera específica, usamos su información para ayudar a completar una operación, para comunicarnos, para mantenerle actualizado sobre servicios y beneficios y para personalizar nuestros sitios web de acuerdo con las preferencias de los Usuarios.

Sometimes we may also use this information to contact users when conducting a market research or to provide commercial information that we believe may be of particular interest.

These personal data will be computer-processed by qualified PROMAX personnel, and access to them will be restricted to those who, by virtue of their position in the company, need this information to provide the aforementioned services.

PROMAX will not sell, rent or transfer users’ personal information to third parties unless we have their express permission to do so, or we are so required by the authorities.

The fields that make up the user registration form are either mandatory or optional. At no time will PROMAX oblige the user to fill in fields which are not relevant, but we do ask that the fields necessary for the management and processing of the information be filled in, so as to provide the requested information or product.

If users do not fill in the fields considered mandatory, they will not be admitted as registered members.

In their condition as registered users, we use electronic and conventional means to provide users with information on technical aspects, commercial details of new products, product updates, software or any other topic considered relevant by PROMAX.

If they do not want to receive unsolicited direct information from us, they will have the opportunity to notify us to that effect, and we will do everything possible to comply with that request.

PROMAX commits itself to do everything possible to keep its user information up to date. PROMAX will not be responsible for the veracity of the personal information provided by users, as the user is the sole party responsible along those lines. Users will be able to verify the data whenever they deem it opportune.

Some PROMAX webpages use cookies. A cookie is a small set of data that are sent from an Internet server to the user’s browser, and are kept in his/her computer.

Generally speaking, we use these “cookies” to recognise our users, personalise our information, products and services, adapting them to the needs, tastes and preferences of users. They are also used to estimate the size of our audience, and help us offer a better website, allowing us to monitor what works and what doesn’t through an analysis of website traffic.

PROMAX wishes to ensure that users understand that a “cookie” does not give us any type of access to their computers or personal information, beyond that information which they wish to share with us.

Users can configure their web browsers to notify them every time someone sends them a cookie, and thus decide whether to accept it or not, or to systematically reject them. Likewise, users can eliminate the files that contain the cookies. These files are stored as part of their Internet browsers.

Our website includes, or can include, links to other websites operated and maintained by third parties, in addition to links to products and services (including software or programmes) provided by third parties.

PROMAX has no type of control over these third parties, their websites or their products and services. The privacy policy in force on the sites linked from PROMAX may be different from ours.

If users visit one of the sites linked to our PROMAX website, they will do so at their own risk. If they desire, users can access, rectify, cancel or otherwise modify the personal data in PROMAX’s power.

In keeping with the PROMAX Privacy Policy, for the exercise of the aforementioned rights, or if users have any doubts or comments to express on our personal data protection practices, they can contact us by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Or by sending a certified letter to the attention to the head of the legal department at the following address:

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